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Jane Dua - Dec 01 2020

Guide to Jewelry Care

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We want your jewelry to last. With these simple steps, you can stick to simply dressing with intention.

the basics

Keep your jewelry dry

To preserve brilliance, rub jewelry with a soft cloth.

Store your jewelry properly.

the details

Moisture = Tarnish. Apply makeup and fragrance before putting on your jewelry. Exposure to chemicals and moisture can cause jewelry to change color. If your jewelry does get wet, dry the piece immediately with an absorbent cloth.

Regularly rub your jewelry with a soft cloth. The cloth should be absorbent and non-piling. This maintains shine and preservation. 

Storage is essential. Jewelry should be separated by metal and color in jewelry pouches. Pouches should then be placed into a jewelry box or other secure container. Minimizing exposure to air is key to preventing oxidation and tarnish. 


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